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Picture of ZN Paris Gala

Who I am?

Hello! My name is Gala de París, a high-class escort in San Isidro.

I invite you to share my exquisite company and the best sex!
I can fulfill all your fantasies because I am an expert in:
*Changing roles.
* Anal sex.
*Oral "without" until the end.
*Toys for you or me.
*Specialist in prostate massages.
*Attention to couples.
*MHM and HMH trios.
*Trios with sleepers.
*Nuru massages
*Own department, hotels and addresses.

Sale of the best XXX videos, XXX Sexting, and double penetration video calls.

All your fantasies come true!

If you prefer, you can send me an email to [email protected]

Hi sweety! My name is Gala de Paris

I invite you to live a unique moment with me and share my exquisite company and the best sex!
All your fantasies will come true because I'm an expert in:
º Role Changing
º Deepthroat
º Anal Sex
º Raw oral till the end
º Toys for you😉 or me💋
º Specialist in prostate massages
º I do Couples too and adapt toy your needs
º Threesomes WMW or MWM
º Threesomes with trans
º Nuru Massages
º My own apartment or hotels and private domiciles (extra charge added)

The best XXX videos for sell, Sexting XXX and double penetration Video Calls.

Gala will make all your fantasies come true honey!

If you prefer you can send me an email at [email protected]

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ZN Paris Gala

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Experiences (6)


1 year ago

Hello boys!! I chose Gala not only for her photos but for her service. The black kiss drives me crazy and giving them milk in their mouths, I prefer to end up in both participations that way it drives me crazy. His apartment is very discreet and tidy.
I chose a Sunday to be relaxed. He invited me to a threesome with his friend. Worth visiting the Paris Gala.


1 year ago

I had the opportunity to be a few times. One experience better than the other. Gala is the queen of pleasure. It offers all kinds of fantasies. For which, as seen in her photos, she has a wide variety of lingerie and toys. In addition to threesomes and parties with friends. Not counting the statuesque body she has and her captivating beauty. Gala is an option that you have to try at least once in your life.


1 month ago

Good afternoon… I had the pleasure of being with Gala. It was the best #Bdsm experience I had in my life. I was on my knees before her and was able to serve her, taking on the role of was a unique experience and I hope to be able to return to Base to repeat it.


1 month ago

Stunning woman!! With heels he measures 1.80.
Lush body with super complete service.
Sweet and affectionate, I'm looking for a cool girlfriend,
It is obvious that he enjoys it and I like that the pleasure is shared.
He blew me away with the trio with Alma...
I hope my contribution is useful mate.
He came to my home.


1 month ago

Years of reading GALA expectations and I never got excited.
I saw her as too much of a woman and she intimidated me.
Finally I went…
A beautiful and imposing woman opens the door.
He greeted me with a beautiful smile and a squeeze that almost suffocated me.
Gala is intense but adapts to the exact measure that one needs.
Everything happened, a genius.
I am a lover of black kiss and prostate massage and it made me fly.
We talked about trips so we took a virtual tour.
THANK YOU GALA for an incredible experience.


3 weeks ago

Gala, my partner and I want to thank you for the excellent “class” you gave us yesterday on how to improve our sexual bond.
Before the action you asked. you listened, you suggested, you gave ideas... a true genius!!!
You adapted perfectly to a first-time couple in a world unknown to us.

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