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Escorts from Villa Real

Can I request oral sex from a Villa Real escort?

Of course!

Although most of the Villa Real escorts are delighted to offer this service to our clients, there are some girls who say they do not include oral sex in their regular or special services.

Each of us has a particular way of conducting their appointments and we have a list of services that we can offer a client.

You must make sure that the escort you choose is willing to offer you this service.

How should I prepare for a date with a Villa Real escort?

There are different ways in which you can prepare to have a Villa Real escort and that it ends perfectly as we both want.

The preparation prior to an appointment with us will depend directly on you.

All the escorts value, we even demand, that our clients come very well cleaned to our appointments; especially if these are sexual appointments.

Otherwise, we can end the appointment.

Can I extend my time with a whore from Villa Real?

It depends on different factors.

Generally, the escorts of Villa Real have planned our appointments for the whole week and the time that we can invest in each one of them in order to offer our clients the best service.

Every minute of our time counts, especially if we are on a date.

The time can be extended, as long as we have the time availability to serve our client and he can pay the extra time for our company and services. If any of these 2 conditions is not met, then we cannot extend the time of the appointment.

Can Villa Real VIP escorts move from city to city?

Of course!

The Villa Real escorts can move from one city to another to have an appointment with a client who, in advance, has informed us that this is how the appointment would be.

In addition, the client must take care of our transfer and security to the destination and then back to Villa Real. 

This may vary depending on the escort that answers the question or the one that is going to provide the service, but the vast majority are willing to move from one place to another in the city to have an appointment.

How can I become a trusted client for Villa Real escorts?

To become a trusted client of one or more of us, you must invest time and have good dates in between.

As you can imagine, being a reliable customer is not something that just happens and that's it; includes different factors. The characteristics of a reliable client include being respectful and polite, that you are constant, that you pay the corresponding fees and with whom we can always have a delicious date. 

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