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Can Ciudadela escorts fall in love with a client?

The Ciudadela escorts take our job very seriously and we see it for what it is: a job. 

Therefore, we do not mix our feelings with our job, so that neither party is harmed.

Hardly one of the Ciudadela escorts would find ourselves in the situation of being in love with one of our clients. Although, there is always the possibility that this could happen, the best thing for us is not to serve that client again and distance ourselves.

Why would an escort from Ciudadela refuse to serve a client?

There are various reasons why some of us may not want to serve a client. These factors may depend on the rules and conditions that the escort sets for each of the appointments.

However, one of the main factors why the Ciudadela escorts can refuse to serve a client is because they have had a bad attitude during the conversations, ask for a reduction in the rate or we already have a bad experience with said client.

What does a whore from Ciudadela do if a client cancels the appointment?

We always ask our clients to make an appointment with us when they are completely sure that they want the service. However, we understand that the unforeseen can happen.

If the client cancels us a few days in advance, there is usually no problem. But it becomes completely different if we are canceled with only a few hours before the appointment. The way to react to this will depend on each one of us.

It may be that the girl charges you a percentage for the time she should have invested with you, but you did not attend. Also, they may decide not to provide their services to you or anything else.

Everything will depend on us and the reason why the appointment has been cancelled.

Can I increase the time of my appointment with a VIP escort from Ciudadela?

Usually, it's not something you can do, but as you can imagine, it depends on different factors. Every minute of the time of a Ciudadela escort counts money and you should not forget this.

The Ciudadela escorts exercise this trade independently, which means that; In addition to many tasks, we also take care of managing our appointments during the week. 

We can agree to increase your appointment time with us, as long as we count the availability of time to serve you and you are able to pay the extra. If these conditions are not met, it will be very difficult for us to decide to extend our appointment.

Can I have a threesome with my wife and an escort from Ciudadela?

Definitely yes.

This is one of the services that the escorts of Ciudadela request the most, because it is about introducing a third party to sexual relations. Typically, one of the parties involved has not experienced threesomes and wants to feel safe and confident. That is exactly what we can provide.

The most important thing is that all parties agree with the service and know the security words. Likewise, if the service will be focused on one person or if the 3 people will actively participate in the entire process.

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